//BNJMN (3/11/20): Covid19 is coming. I feel somewhat safe in my isolated, monastic existence, but it’s starting to feel like a real thing. Grandma Friedrich’s nursing home is totally locked down right now, which is good. She just came through a fight with pneumonia, and the Corona Virus would be very scary for her.

//BNJMN (3/9/20): Ironically, the PlayPlace room is the only spot in a McDonald’s where you can find peace and quiet when the old people are having brunch.

//BNJMN (1/11/20): Took my morning shower at 3:30 pm, went to put on jeans and thought, “who are you trying to fool”, and just put on different pajamas instead.

//BNJMN (12/24/19): Merry Christmas! Sitting in bed listening to Thelonious Monk through some new AirPods.

//BNJMN (12/22/19): Getting a new iPad set up. Much fun! I’ve got drafts and working copy installed, so this is me testing out my existing posting automations.

//BNJMN (12/20/19): I wonder what difference it makes seeing your life through the lens of blessing vs the lens of privilege. There’s something interesting going on in the distinction between the words, and I think they have strengths and weaknesses. I don’t have a conclusion right now.

//BNJMN (12/19/19): Not showering today, but it’s as a fashion choice ok

//BNJMN (12/18/19): Donald Trump got impeached. The senate trial will be a farce, but at least history will know we tried.

//BNJMN (12/8/19): I just solved a humdinger of a bug that involved sending multi-line text fields via JSON and I did a literal fist pump.

//BNJMN (12/1/19): I wonder if I could figure out how to train a neural network to write poetry in collaboration with me. The limiting factor is that there isn’t some huge database of my work to train it on, but if I’m just trying to partner with it, I can do a lot of editing and prompting.

//BNJMN (11/26/19): I just discover this tool called ngrok, and I have to say it’s pretty cool. You can do a few things with it, but for my purposes it lets me expose a local server online, which should be really helpful for mobile web development.

//BNJMN (11/25/19): I’ve decided I’m into tomato soup now.

//BNJMN (11/23/19): This afternoon I tapered down some vintage Wranglers (they had an awful boot cut) and they turned out lovely.

//BNJMN (11/22/19): Fleabag is extremely good. In many ways it’s not my type of show, but it’s so good it doesn’t matter.

//BNJMN (11/22/19): Lying in bed on a Friday night, reading about JavaScript and thinking about boots.

//BNJMN (11/8/19): I am grumpy.

//BNJMN (11/6/19): I’ve been using Hugo recently and to be frank I’ve been frustrated with it. The content organization system doesn’t work quite the way I want, and it seems harder to reference data than it ought to be. I spend too much time trying to figure out how to do basic stuff in the weird Hugo way.

//BNJMN (10/23/19): Just spent an embarrassing amount of time updating this site so it can go dark mode.

It would have just been a ten minute thing, except I had to change the logo from being displayed as an img to a background image, which is one of the dumbest, most annoying corners of css.

But now it works!

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Yesterday helped move great-great-grandpa Ernest Emil Friedrich’s 700lb (I don’t know the exact weight, but it’s huge) up a flight of steps. Did not get crushed.

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Listened to Acid Rap (Chance’s first album, I think) today for the first time, and it’s good, just like they say.

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Working on updating the Portfolizine today…for some reason working on anything portfolio related is a real drag for me.

//BNJMN (10/16/19): It’s fall now. I don’t like the cool, but I’m happy to be decked out in flannel and jeans again for the season.

//BNJMN (8/25/19): Spending a normal Sunday morning reading about textile-reinforced concrete. It’s very interesting.

Instead of rebar, using stuff like carbon fiber as reinforcement allows you to make thinner, lighter slabs.

//BNJMN (8/23/19): I need to use regex either much more or much less, because as it is, I have to totally relearn it every time I need to use it.

//BNJMN (8/15/19): Don’t eat olives after brushing your teeth.

//BNJMN (8/12/19): Watching that show, ‘Shitt’s Creek’, and they’re making fun of cheese balls and I’m here to say cheese balls are awesome and not liking them is a crime.

//BNJMN (8/9/19): When Lieutenant Henry Shrapnel invented his fancy explosive ammunition in 1784, I wonder if he intended his family name to be synonymous with death and destruction two centuries later, or if that was just considered a perk

//BNJMN (8/3/19): Is eating an apple sexy?

//BNJMN (8/1/19): Ok y’all, listen up. There’s a better way to eat cheese sticks.

Here’s the game—heat up some water on the stove, put the cheese sticks in the water (still wrapped), wait until the cheese has melted.

Then cut off an end and slurp that mozza into your face like it’s gogurt.

//BNJMN (7/30/19): I’ve become a person who listens the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat all day like its 2015.

//BNJMN (7/29/19): I don’t used inDesign often, but every time I do, it feels like I’ve been transported to this uncanny alternate dimension of Illustrator, where everything is stuck in the Middle Ages, but where they have multiple page documents.

//BNJMN (7/26/19): Cool thing about libraries—sometimes they have private rooms you can reserve for literally free!

//BNJMN (7/25/19): DNS stuff is one of the most frustrating aspects of web development for me, because it’s one of the few things where you don’t get immediate feedback, and it’s not something I deal with frequently enough to feel like I have deep expertise.

//BNJMN (7/25/19): Last night, prepping a walnut dresser for restoration, the mineral spirits I was using dried out the skin on my right thumb so badly that TouchID no longer recognizes me and it’s a living nightmare!

//BNJMN (7/23/19): Ok, hear me out– I think Donald Trump and Borris Johnson ascendeding to become chief executives of a country is good evidence David Foster Wallace has taken over as cosmic script writer and it’s gonna be post-mordern farce from here on out.

//BNJMN (7/22/19): I’ve been slowly working through this book “Being Ecological” by Timothy Morton and there is one particular concept that I’ve been chewing on.

The idea is this: we are familiar with the idea that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but there are times when the opposite is true. Sometimes a whole is less the sum of its parts. Maybe much less than the sum of its parts even.

I’m still thinking about the idea, but a particularly visceral, easy to access illustration of this is the example of the holocaust. The holocaust was horrible and it’s easy to say it was horrible. But what’s not easy is going through the list of the 8 million odd people who were murdered, one by one, and say that each murder was horrible. It would take days or weeks or months.

As an aggregate, the crime of the holocaust was just one thing—an operation to purify Germany of undesirables—but it was made up of 8 million murders, each of which is in some ways just as evil as the idea of the holocaust itself as a whole. You can tell that this is true because if we lived in a world where only 4 million were killed in the holocaust, we wouldn’t think the holocaust was any less evil. Its evilness is maxed out. The whole is less then the sum of its parts.

This isn’t to say that the concept “holocaust” isn’t useful and necessary, but the process of bundling it into existence inherently diminishes the actual total of the things the holocaust refers to.

I kind of hate this particular example, because it seems so trite, but it’s a pattern that applies to anything with scale, and the interesting thing is that literally everything has scale when you consider the number of things it’s made of.

The one area I’m still trying to understand how this fits in is when emergence happens—that is to say when a system of small things work together and are defined by the effect that they create. Is the sum of the cells in the human brain larger than a consciousness? Is the sum of the individuals in a culture greater than the culture itself? I’m not really sure.

//BNJMN (7/21/19): I’m finally getting around to listening to the Hamilton cast album. It’s really good…shocker. The guy who plays King George is so good.

//BNJMN (7/17/19): I’m in research mode this evening. I’m trying to figure out different approaches for content management.

I’m not really happy with the CMS’s I’ve used…I was looking at Ghost, which seems very cool, but ultimately I’m not sure how it fits into what I’m interested in. I’m in a gray area with this little e-commerce project that I’m focused on—my current solution is a bit hacky (I’m using forestry.io), but there aren’t that many better options that I’m turning up.

//BNJMN (7/13/19): I’ve discovered I sorta kinda love taking photos at fairs. Lots of good cheesiness.

//BNJMN (7/12/19): Actually doing some illustration work for the first time in a few weeks…oof…rusty.