Morton’s Tail 4/5/20

//BNJMN (4/5/20): I ended up watching ‘Tiger King’, the Netflix documentary, and all I can describe it as is a Russian nesting doll of crazy. It’s like a story written by a 12 year old boy—all rising action, twist after twist—except it’s based on real footage. Really strange, interesting show.

Mossy logs 4/5/20

Barn pic 4/4/20

Ashi loves me! 3/30/20

Sickle Moon 3/30/20

Pasture 3/30/20

Forrest ceiling 3/30/20

Leafs 3/30/20

The Gravel Road 3/28/20

Tornado warnings 3/28/20

The storm just missed us to the north

So handsome! 3/26/20

The Lake 3/26/20

Thicket 3/17/20

//BNJMN (3/11/20): Covid19 is coming. I feel somewhat safe in my isolated, monastic existence, but it’s starting to feel like a real thing. Grandma Friedrich’s nursing home is totally locked down right now, which is good. She just came through a fight with pneumonia, and the Corona Virus would be very scary for her.

Catherine 3/11/20

Humphrey 3/11/20

//BNJMN (3/9/20): Ironically, the PlayPlace room is the only spot in a McDonald’s where you can find peace and quiet when the old people are having brunch.

Walter and Spike 3/6/20

Puddles! 3/6/20

February 2/23/20

Ralphy 2/23/20

More Pretty Snow 2/18/20

Treetops 2/18/20

Ellen 2/8/20

Owl Light Switch 2/8/20

Grandma’s Sewing Machine 2/8/20

Grandma Bailey passed away this week. This is her beloved sewing machine.

Albus and Spike 1/28/20

Frost 1/28/20

I want spring 1/17/20

//BNJMN (1/11/20): Took my morning shower at 3:30 pm, went to put on jeans and thought, “who are you trying to fool”, and just put on different pajamas instead.

//BNJMN (12/24/19): Merry Christmas! Sitting in bed listening to Thelonious Monk through some new AirPods.