The River 10/30/19

Evilly Drinking Tea 10/29/19

Mississippi Haze 10/29/19

//BNJMN (10/23/19): Just spent an embarrassing amount of time updating this site so it can go dark mode.

It would have just been a ten minute thing, except I had to change the logo from being displayed as an img to a background image, which is one of the dumbest, most annoying corners of css.

But now it works!

Kitten Pile 10/23/19

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Yesterday helped move great-great-grandpa Ernest Emil Friedrich’s 700lb (I don’t know the exact weight, but it’s huge) up a flight of steps. Did not get crushed.

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Listened to Acid Rap (Chance’s first album, I think) today for the first time, and it’s good, just like they say.

//BNJMN (10/21/19): Working on updating the Portfolizine today…for some reason working on anything portfolio related is a real drag for me.

Fog 10/20/19

Dusk 10/17/19

Autumn at Volga 10/17/19

//BNJMN (10/16/19): It’s fall now. I don’t like the cool, but I’m happy to be decked out in flannel and jeans again for the season.

Sad kitten 10/15/19

Mad kitten 10/15/19

Kitten Jail 10/15/19

Little Lion 10/15/19

Autumn Sunset 10/15/19

Cappuccino 10/15/19

I’ve been drinking cappuccinos more often recently. Both Euphoria and Impact have really good traditional cappuccino.

Fight! 10/14/19

Kitten Butt 10/14/19

First Snow 10/14/19

Taken last Saturday in Decorah

Baby Possums 9/29/19

I almost forgot to post pics of these ridiculously cute baby possums whose momma died. Took them to a wildlife rehab place.

Pretty Fall Flowers 9/23/19

Pete Buttigieg 9/23/19

During the Q&A a wasp landed on Pete’s tie and wouldn’t leave so he very gingerly took the tie off and had an aide take it outside.

Possum Babies 9/23/19

Ethan found 6 baby possums whose mother died. We took them to a wildlife rehab place near Independence.

Cool Jeremy 9/15/19

Rural Arlington 9/15/19

Unfinished Basement 9/15/19

Fellas Weekend 9/15/19

Big Frog 9/12/19

Little Frog 9/12/19

Abandoned Kittens 9/6/19

Found these guys on the side of the road—they hadn’t eaten for awhile.

On the prowl 8/30/19

Fall Kittens 8/30/19

Minerva had five kittens this morning. All of them orange.

Last days of summer 8/30/19

Very big horsies 8/25/19

//BNJMN (8/25/19): Spending a normal Sunday morning reading about textile-reinforced concrete. It’s very interesting.

Instead of rebar, using stuff like carbon fiber as reinforcement allows you to make thinner, lighter slabs.