Barn Pic 6/10/19

Furrows at dawn 6/9/19

Beautiful Walter 6/9/19

Homemade Iced Coffee 6/8/19

It was ok. Not great. Ok.

//BNJMN (6/8/19): Goes outside, stretches his arms back, looks to the sky and says to the sun ‘what a beautiful day!’ and is immediately engulfed in a cloud of gnats, his eyes eaten directly from his skull, and is now very dead

Otter Creek 6/7/19

Prairie Du Chien 6/7/19

Liquor Sale 6/6/19

//BNJMN (6/6/19): Working in this quaint, chill coffee shop and suddenly, like a bomb, Blink 182 is popping off in the stereo, and I look over and I see that the punk kid at the register has done a coup d’état and is now in charge.

Wildflowers 6/5/19

Towering Aspen 6/5/19

There are some really beautiful Aspen groves at Volga Lake

//BNJMN (6/5/19): Recently this has just turned into a spot to put photos it seems like. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that, but I suppose I haven’t had the energy to post many links. It’s better then posting nothing though I think, and does provide an ambient angle into my day.

Fray 6/5/19

Storm 2 6/4/19

Storm 1 6/4/19

Cup of Joe 6/4/19

Torvald 6/3/19

Escape 6/3/19

//BNJMN (6/3/19): There is nothing more frustrating than code that won’t work even though you just know it should.

Quivering Aspens 6/2/19

Clover Fields 6/2/19

A field along side a trail at Volga River State Recreation Area

//BNJMN (6/2/19): I finally put away my sweaters and most of my long sleeve shirts for the season. This summer I’m going all in on these cotton drawstring shorts that Old Navy is selling. Comfy and they look good in a casual, fun sort of way.

Lazy Sunday 6/2/19

Minerva the Cat 6/2/19

Abstract Texture 2 6/2/19

Sunrise Silhouette 6/2/19

Gilbertsen Trail 6/1/19

Took a nice hike this afternoon

Honey Bee 6/1/19

Seed Saver’s Barn 5/31/19

Went on a hike at Seed Saver’s outside of Decorah today

Abstract Texture #1 5/31/19

Interesting patterns caused by erosion

//BNJMN (5/30/19): Update: My XF10 seems to have survived its drop into the bucket of water. All its preferences got wiped, and I am not 100% confident it’s not going to suddenly die on me someday, but for now I’m grateful.