Blossom 5/4/20

//BNJMN (5/4/20): I’ve been making fake cappuccinos recently with the Aeropress and hand wisked milk, and they’re bad, but lots of fun.

Stars below 5/4/20

Hoolie 5/4/20

Sassy pretty things 4/30/20

Pines 4/30/20

Torvald 4/30/20

The Stapler 4/29/20

Twiggy brambles 4/29/20

Jet 4/24/20

I hadn’t really thought about it, but I haven’t noticed a jet flying over in weeks.

Mom 4/23/20

The lake 4/21/20

Clouds to the south 4/20/20

//BNJMN (4/17/20): I finished watching the Americans the other night. Really great show. The ending wasn’t totally satisfying, but such is life.

Next I think I’m going to go back through Babylon Berlin…there’s a new season.

Freshly Tilled Field 4/17/20

Depot Trail 4/17/20

Beaver at work 4/17/20

Humphrey 4/15/20

The crew 4/14/20

New babies 4/14/20

The big elm 4/12/20

Easter Morning mist 4/12/20

A nice plant 4/10/20

Cute guy 4/10/20

Feathers 4/10/20

Spring Pokes Through 4/10/20

Benici 4/10/20

He waits in darkness 4/8/20

Me 4/7/20

//BNJMN (4/7/20): Writable should be spelled writeable, I’m sorry. Writ is it’s own word and it should be able to be abled, without write hogging the zone.

Patricia 4/5/20

Canoe 4/5/20