Black-eyed Susan 7/21/19

//BNJMN (7/21/19): I’m finally getting around to listening to the Hamilton cast album. It’s really good…shocker. The guy who plays King George is so good.

Wild Sunset 7/21/19

Library Plant 7/19/19

Presto Hole Punch 7/19/19

Gritty Movie Poster 7/17/19

//BNJMN (7/17/19): I’m in research mode this evening. I’m trying to figure out different approaches for content management.

I’m not really happy with the CMS’s I’ve used…I was looking at Ghost, which seems very cool, but ultimately I’m not sure how it fits into what I’m interested in. I’m in a gray area with this little e-commerce project that I’m focused on—my current solution is a bit hacky (I’m using, but there aren’t that many better options that I’m turning up.

Sammy from Ohio 7/17/19

Freddy the Cat 7/17/19

//BNJMN (7/13/19): I’ve discovered I sorta kinda love taking photos at fairs. Lots of good cheesiness.

Freak Out 7/13/19

Magic Maze 7/13/19

Behind the scenes 7/13/19

Fruit Bear 7/13/19

Beach Party 7/13/19

Nibbling Leafs 7/12/19

Lost Fawn 7/12/19

//BNJMN (7/12/19): Actually doing some illustration work for the first time in a few weeks…oof…rusty.

Red Eyed Bunny 7/10/19

Downtime 7/10/19

Show Day 7/10/19

Pink Farris Wheel 7/10/19

What a nice goat! 7/10/19

//BNJMN (7/10/19): I walked around the Winneshiek County Fair for about 45 mins this afternoon. Beautiful day, and the barns smelled wonderful.

Some Pig 7/10/19

Sea Ray 7/10/19

//BNJMN (7/9/19): I just spent 15 minutes hunting down a single particular fly who buzzed at me wrong.

Let this be a warning: If you are an insect and you cross me, I will do what it takes to finish you.