Treetops 2/18/20

Ellen 2/8/20

Owl Light Switch 2/8/20

Grandma’s Sewing Machine 2/8/20

Grandma Bailey passed away this week. This is her beloved sewing machine.

Albus and Spike 1/28/20

Frost 1/28/20

I want spring 1/17/20

//BNJMN (1/11/20): Took my morning shower at 3:30 pm, went to put on jeans and thought, “who are you trying to fool”, and just put on different pajamas instead.

//BNJMN (12/24/19): Merry Christmas! Sitting in bed listening to Thelonious Monk through some new AirPods.

//BNJMN (12/22/19): Getting a new iPad set up. Much fun! I’ve got drafts and working copy installed, so this is me testing out my existing posting automations.

//BNJMN (12/20/19): I wonder what difference it makes seeing your life through the lens of blessing vs the lens of privilege. There’s something interesting going on in the distinction between the words, and I think they have strengths and weaknesses. I don’t have a conclusion right now.

//BNJMN (12/19/19): Not showering today, but it’s as a fashion choice ok

//BNJMN (12/18/19): Donald Trump got impeached. The senate trial will be a farce, but at least history will know we tried.

Slippers Day 12/18/19

The Crew 12/8/19

//BNJMN (12/8/19): I just solved a humdinger of a bug that involved sending multi-line text fields via JSON and I did a literal fist pump.

The most rad jacket 12/6/19

Joe & John 12/6/19

Working from home 12/5/19

//BNJMN (12/1/19): I wonder if I could figure out how to train a neural network to write poetry in collaboration with me. The limiting factor is that there isn’t some huge database of my work to train it on, but if I’m just trying to partner with it, I can do a lot of editing and prompting.

Walter 12/1/19

Steeple 11/27/19

Support 11/26/19

This is an old photo, but I love it. It’s even shot on film.

//BNJMN (11/26/19): I just discover this tool called ngrok, and I have to say it’s pretty cool. You can do a few things with it, but for my purposes it lets me expose a local server online, which should be really helpful for mobile web development.

//BNJMN (11/25/19): I’ve decided I’m into tomato soup now.

//BNJMN (11/23/19): This afternoon I tapered down some vintage Wranglers (they had an awful boot cut) and they turned out lovely.

//BNJMN (11/22/19): Fleabag is extremely good. In many ways it’s not my type of show, but it’s so good it doesn’t matter.

//BNJMN (11/22/19): Lying in bed on a Friday night, reading about JavaScript and thinking about boots.

Noire Selfie 11/12/19

//BNJMN (11/8/19): I am grumpy.

//BNJMN (11/6/19): I’ve been using Hugo recently and to be frank I’ve been frustrated with it. The content organization system doesn’t work quite the way I want, and it seems harder to reference data than it ought to be. I spend too much time trying to figure out how to do basic stuff in the weird Hugo way.

Snow, for real 11/6/19

Chicago 10/30/19