//BNJMN (8/26/20): The things you actually believe, you believe so deeply that it doesn’t occur to you that believe them.

Canoes 8/11/20

Snail 8/11/20

Prairie Flowers 8/11/20

Depot Trail 8/11/20

I love the way this Nikon 24mm looks

Ruby 8/11/20

Hummingbird fight 8/11/20

//BNJMN (8/10/20): Accidentally printed a shipping label on fancy paper with my high quality print settings—UPS better APPRECIATE!

Pillar 8/9/20

Into the woods 8/9/20

The ducks 8/3/20

Fawn 7/23/20

Bunny 7/23/20

Flowers 7/23/20

//BNJMN (7/23/20): I don’t understand webpack and frankly I don’t want to live in a world where I have to understand webpack.

Spider Web 7/7/20

Pulpit Rock 7/7/20

Mixed Berry Shrub 7/6/20

Momma Wren 7/4/20

Bridge 6/30/20

Amazing 6/23/20

Demitasse 6/4/20

No justice, no peace 6/4/20

Mushrooms 6/4/20

Dandelions 5/22/20

Selfie Time 5/22/20

Tub Time 5/17/20

//BNJMN (5/16/20): I’m rewatching Babylon Berlin…really fantastic.

Melamine Cup 5/14/20

Homemade Cappuccino 5/14/20

//BNJMN (5/13/20): I’ve been really into getting cups lately. Cups!

Deer Skeleton 5/13/20

//BNJMN (5/7/20): I’m thinking of transitioning to a small mug lifestyle. Right now I use these massive mugs for morning coffee and tea, but lately I’ve added in afternoon Aerospresso drinks, which are suited to smaller cups, and I find them delightful. There are some obstacles to making a complete transition to the small cup life totally, but I’m explore the possibilities.

Birch 5/7/20

Typist 5/6/20

//BNJMN (5/6/20): The ducks are funny. They’re much more squirmy and determined than chicks.

More Duck 5/6/20

Ducks 5/6/20