Bug on Grass 6/29/19

Bumblebee 6/29/19

My New Bug Buddy 6/29/19

Sno Cone Guy 6/29/19

I took this a year ago or so, and I still think about this man, taking a picture of a gorilla on his iPhone while balancing a sno cone, all the time.

Walter wants Out 6/28/19

Ricky 6/26/19

Arabian Nights 6/24/19

Shane’s Red Truck 6/23/19

Farm Dog 6/23/19

Zane and Zander 6/23/19

Hiking at Volga 6/23/19

//BNJMN (6/19/19): I’m not a huge baseball fan, in the sense that I don’t follow it closely, but I do love ball games. It’s the perfect sport for an outing, because it’s not just about the game. It’s a pastoral sport that doesn’t demand your constant attention, so you’re free to wander the concourse with a beer and a camera for a few innings, and still fully enjoy the game. The Twins lost today, but it was a very nice evening.

Twins lose 9-4 6/19/19

Target Field 6/19/19

Twins vs Red Sox 6/19/19

//BNJMN (6/18/19): Launches Adobe Illustrator…waits…waits…oh crap, why has the screen going black? Why are the fans spinning up like a Blackhawk?…jams power button until it stops…now waits for the computer to grumpily restart. Launches Adobe Illustrator…waits…

Georgia Peaches 6/18/19

So very good

The Rose Bush 6/17/19

The rose bush is in full bloom and it’s lovely

Boy am I Mad! 6/17/19

Actually I’m not mad. Just fulfilling my goal of taking a few more selfies. Also, I look like a dork in those headphones.

Ufda Lady 6/17/19

Every time is see this lady she is wearing the same red outfit with a ball cap that says Ufda, and she‘s grinning ear to ear

//BNJMN (6/17/19): I didn’t get carded at one of those places with a sign that says they’ll card anyone who looks like they are under 40 and now I’m concerned.

//BNJMN (6/17/19): Checked my email and I see there is a new update to my pet fav font and I’m a happy boy! ISO is the best: https://www.futurefonts.xyz/scribble-tone/iso

Matching Outfit 6/15/19

I hadn’t cracked it open for awhile, but I truly love this book. Whitman is really good.

//BNJMN (6/14/19): The scariest thing in the world is code that works and you aren’t quite sure why…

Purple and Lovely 6/13/19

I love the vintage Minolta 50mm 1.4 that I took this shot with.

Pinewood Forest 6/13/19

//BNJMN (6/13/19): I picked up a neat old projector lens today for a couple bucks and now I’m realizing I don’t really have a use for an old projector lens.

Upper Lima Trail 6/12/19

Coobs Melons n More 6/11/19

//BNJMN (6/11/19): My git habits on single person projects could definitely use some improvement…the problem is that I have a habit of just sort of mobbing and grinding so my project delineation isn’t always great. Will keep getting better.