//BNJMN (2/3/21): The only thing more annoying than the word “milquetoast” is the word “pollyannaish.” Intellectualist jargon, only good for throwing intellectual shapes.

Frost 2/3/21

More Duck 2/3/21

Torvald 1/29/21

Working on his big winter project.

Black Langshan 1/14/21

This bird looks like a chess piece in the snow.

Doigus 1/14/21

The hunter 1/13/21

Hitchhiker 1/10/21

Bleak Midwinter 1/5/21

Olga 1/5/21

Winter cat 1/4/21

Power 1/3/21

//BNJMN (1/2/21): Researching CMS options. Ghost seems cool if what you want is a CMS with a nice UI for doing blog posts and integrates with services well, but it doesn’t seem to be built around the idea of custom post types, which is important to me. Seems like it could be a Wordpress alt though.

Dusk 12/28/20

The Star 12/28/20

Snow Duck 12/28/20

Berries 12/20/20

Foggy Morning 12/19/20

The watcher 12/5/20

Sniff test 12/5/20

Cuddles 10/11/20

Dominique 10/11/20

On the water 10/9/20

Effigy Mounds 10/9/20

Orchard Trail 10/3/20

The rig 9/24/20

Sunset on the lake 9/24/20

Relax 9/24/20

Web 9/23/20

Angles 9/18/20

Bee Friend 9/18/20

Dock 9/13/20

Golden Hour 8/31/20

Maiden Voyage 8/31/20

Hanging by a thread 8/28/20

Crossing 8/28/20