Rolling Hills 6/30/21

Dewy leaves 6/29/21

Clover 6/29/21

Otter Creek 6/29/21

Dramatic Sunset 6/29/21

Took this after a hike at Otter Creek, where I got utterly soaked.

Big clouds 6/29/21

//BNJMN (6/27/21): Broke my 2021 mile PR in my blue kayak with a 14’ 37”. Overall record is 13’ 59”, so I’ve got some work to do still.

Pretty leaves 6/27/21

Walter Shaking 6/27/21

Louisa Mae 6/27/21

Deep thought 6/26/21

Playing Camel Up with the family.

Evening hike 6/24/21

Sunset 6/20/21

Three fluffy cats 6/20/21

The top floor 6/20/21

From Motor mill 6/20/21

Sliver of a rainbow 6/20/21

Ivanhoe 6/18/21

Montrose Beach 6/11/21

Nordmoes 6/10/21

Visiting Ohio for Craig’s inurnment

Vacation Vibes 6/10/21

My lovely Turkish slippers.

Cally’s Birthday 6/10/21

Stayed in Chicago with my coworker Dan and his girlfriend Cally, and helped celebrate Cally’s birthday.

Travel plans 6/3/21

Grandpa Bailey 6/2/21

Cool Stairs 6/2/21

Cicada molting 6/2/21

Chicago hardware foundry 5/29/21

This pan came from Grandma Bailey’s collection

The feather 5/23/21

I found this turkey feather at Volga Lake a year or so a go and it stayed tucked in the sun visor of my car until today, when I found an appreciative feather collector to enjoy it.

The Rescue 5/23/21

Louis got his kite stuck in a tree.

The Gardeners 5/23/21

Wild Geraniums 5/21/21

The Wild 5/21/21

Pop the hood 5/8/21

Audrey and Val 5/8/21

Car wash 5/8/21

Algae 5/2/21

Storm 5/2/21

Volga 4/26/21