Pretty Fall Flowers 9/23/19

Pete Buttigieg 9/23/19

During the Q&A a wasp landed on Pete’s tie and wouldn’t leave so he very gingerly took the tie off and had an aide take it outside.

Possum Babies 9/23/19

Ethan found 6 baby possums whose mother died. We took them to a wildlife rehab place near Independence.

Cool Jeremy 9/15/19

Rural Arlington 9/15/19

Unfinished Basement 9/15/19

Fellas Weekend 9/15/19

Big Frog 9/12/19

Little Frog 9/12/19

Abandoned Kittens 9/6/19

Found these guys on the side of the road—they hadn’t eaten for awhile.

On the prowl 8/30/19

Fall Kittens 8/30/19

Minerva had five kittens this morning. All of them orange.

Last days of summer 8/30/19

Very big horsies 8/25/19

//BNJMN (8/25/19): Spending a normal Sunday morning reading about textile-reinforced concrete. It’s very interesting.

Instead of rebar, using stuff like carbon fiber as reinforcement allows you to make thinner, lighter slabs.

Super Dog 8/25/19

Cotton Candy 8/25/19

Minnesota State Fair 8/24/19

//BNJMN (8/23/19): I need to use regex either much more or much less, because as it is, I have to totally relearn it every time I need to use it.

Morten has a cold 8/23/19

Art in the Park 2019 8/21/19

Grasshopper 8/21/19

Crack of Dawn 8/20/19

Storm 8/20/19

//BNJMN (8/15/19): Don’t eat olives after brushing your teeth.

August 8/15/19

//BNJMN (8/12/19): Watching that show, ‘Shitt’s Creek’, and they’re making fun of cheese balls and I’m here to say cheese balls are awesome and not liking them is a crime.

Walter 8/11/19

//BNJMN (8/9/19): When Lieutenant Henry Shrapnel invented his fancy explosive ammunition in 1784, I wonder if he intended his family name to be synonymous with death and destruction two centuries later, or if that was just considered a perk

Impact Coffee 8/9/19

Impact Coffee opened up at their new location in Decorah. It’s really nice.

//BNJMN (8/3/19): Is eating an apple sexy?

//BNJMN (8/1/19): Ok y’all, listen up. There’s a better way to eat cheese sticks.

Here’s the game—heat up some water on the stove, put the cheese sticks in the water (still wrapped), wait until the cheese has melted.

Then cut off an end and slurp that mozza into your face like it’s gogurt.

//BNJMN (7/30/19): I’ve become a person who listens the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat all day like its 2015.

Queen Anne’s Lace 7/29/19

Hiking at Volga 7/29/19